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We can help with all types of UIF Claims, (Maternity, Adoption and Illness), however this division of our company specialises in Unemployment UIF Claims as we feel that our clients need our undivided attention.

Before you make payment please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a bar coded ID Book or ID Card
  • You must be a contributor
  • You cannot have resigned

Have you been retrenched or lost your job?

Don't let Unemployment get you down, our reliability and experience when claiming UIF will help you through this stressful experience.

Losing one's source of income is stressful enough without getting endless paperwork together for a UIF Unemployment Claim. For families, unemployment can mean more than just the loss of a job and resources. The lack of funds in a home can have a negative impact on family life, as parents struggle to make ends meet.


While Claim-UIF Now is facilitating your UIF claim, your precious time can be used to seek employment and go to interviews.

Start your claim below:

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